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Mascaras have been getting better and better. It’s the one makeup product we are always looking out for β€”asking ourselvesβ€” is there something better?

You, Mascara Snob, You!

I was teased on Instagram for saying there is a drugstore mascara that is of better quality than luxury mascara. Imagine that? πŸ˜€ It’s ok to be a mascara snob. If you think your $60+ lash set is doing the job than cool. Everybody swears by their mascara because you create a special bond. There’s an elation that occurs when your skimpy lashes get lifted and look big. Like wow this IS better than sex. πŸ˜€


But hey I’ve used both high and low-end brands for decades. At one point I would only buy the high-end because it seemed to perform better than drugstore. Case in point is Lancome. My fave started with the Definicils than graduated to their Hypnose line (Hypnose Drama, Hypnose Star, Hypnose Waterproof) and yes I plunked down $32 for their Grandiose Extreme with the bendy applicator. I even was impressed by their Monsieur Big Mascara. But I’ve found something that just works better than all of them. YetΒ Lancome mascaras will always have a special place in my heart and makeup drawer.

Then there’s Benefit’s They’re Real. That was a game-changing mascara but it dried out too fast. Too Faced’s Better Than Sex is a great mascara. I never believed the hype until I tried it. I always recommended that one when I worked at Sephora. Dior (overpriced with the 2-step, but nicely perfumed), Lorac (too wet), IT Cosmetics (smudges easily), Urban Decay (they try but meh), M.A.C. (I think it only works for me when the tube is fresh, Falsies seemed best because of the brush), Tarte (didn’t understand the hype)… tried them all.



Then you have the drugstore. Maybelline, CoverGirl, Revlon, NYX,Β Rimmel and L’Oreal.Β  L’Oreal always has good drugstore mascaras especially the Voluminous line. And that’s where I’m at because of their Voluminous Superstar XFiber.

I’ve always been curious about fiber mascaras but all the ones I’ve seen are pricey. And I’ve never liked double-ended mascaras, they seem like such a hassle with the “white” step 1. But this isn’t that. It’s amazing. I technicallly don’t have to curl my lashes. The mascara does it. Both Step 1 and Step 2 are black. People think I’m wearing false lashes. And it’s the brush too. Both brushes deposit the right amount. Step 1 is straight and Step 2 is a curved brush. A really great formula! I can’t recommend it enough.


And finally I’ve always like waterproof mascara. It performs the best for me. But you have to be dedicated to taking it off. And if you’re not that person that wants to spend time to take it off, you’re better off with the regular.

There ya have it. There’s a red carpet version of this too:Β L’Oreal’s Voluminous Superstar Red Carpet Black Flash Reflecting Mascara (light-reflecting blue pearls that glisten in the night). Oh la la!

Batting my lashes now.



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