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These are actually excellent glosses. I had to guesstimate what the colors would be off of the descriptions. I think I scored the right ones for me.

As with their liquid matte lipcolors, you get the same tube, and a generous amount of deliciously cupcake-scented gloss.

Dolly: Creamy Cool-tone Pink with Lavender Undertones

This is a cream lipgloss. When it went on I thought it was acting kinda of watery almost breaking up on the lips. I gave it another go and it’s fine now. It’s a sheer cool pink much like the cult-faves from Nars and Mac.


Jazzy: Copper Rose with Multicolor Reflects

This is a non-gritty glitter lipgloss. It’s gorgeous. Got compliments right away. It does leave glitter if you wipe off.


I think this line of lipglosses does offer something different. You can find a gem or two that just makes your lips look “Wow!”. Hope to explore some more.

Have you tried these?



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