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Mauve Over

~”…oil-infused powders and pure matte powder pigments…”~

I admit I have a weak spot for luxury lipstick especially Bobbi Brown. When I saw that they released their own collection of matte lipsticks, I had to try one.


The Packaging

Nice. The case can be mistaken for solid gold. It has a matte gold finish and is very weighty. This lipstick will take center stage next to a PML lippie looking like an Oscar.


The Tube

It has a flat slant- perfect for easy application. The lipstick looks like a solid, soft powder. Is this what Mac’s Powder Kiss was meant to be?… I whispered.


The Wear

It went on lightly -swishing it around- my lips ended up a soft matte mauve. Felt lightweight. And lasted for a few. I’m not looking for super long-wear lipsticks in my life rn. I’m content with having to reapply and being that I’m constantly snacking or sipping, I wipe my lipsΒ and reapply anyway.

Thankfully I have no shortage of lip products. πŸ˜‰
Just perfect!

It sits nicely on my lips and didn’t settle too much into lines. I like it. Now I’m curious about the other colors.

Have you tried any new Bobbi Brown Luxe Mattes?



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