Mac Liptensity: Part 2

I scored these two Mac Liptensity lipsticks during a special sale. They were already discontinued but steeply discounted. I have two other shades from this collection.

Click here to see some previous swatches of  M.A.C. Liptensity

They are basically Mac’s Sheen Supreme lipstick reformulated into an opaque texture. I liked the Sheen Supreme lipsticks because of their translucency and gel-like finish. Unlike the shiny black cases found in the Sheen Supreme lipsticks, Liptensity has color-coded tubes which means: Easy to find colors. 

Click here to go to my old blog so you can see swatches of some Sheen Supreme shades. 


Left: Clouds in My Coffee; Right: Driftwood

I tried out one shade. The two colors are ones I usually gravitate to. I think I have several hundred shades of warm beige and cool pink beige. 😀

Clouds in My Coffee: Light Warm Beige


Light warm beige.

I’ll post a swatch of Driftwood when I finally get to wearing it and will update. 😉

UPDATE: here is Driftwood. Bit disappointed. It went on thick and dry. Don’t think my tube is fresh or I just need to give it another go. Color is soft lavender. Very greige.

Soft lilac beige

Were you able to get any from this discontinued line?


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