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I picked up this set on sale during the holidays. Now after having tried all of them, I really could have just gotten the one color that I love from this set: 23 Copper Blush.

Don’t get me wrong the other shades: 99 Purple Red and 01 Always Red are lovely, but I haven’t been wearing dark lip shades or reds as of late. And being winter, I’m not feeling the 79 Soft Coral (which looks like the color of the year!) nor 73 Glowing Beige (concealer lips). Maybe come spring I’ll change my mind?

They all wear comfortably.

  • Nice vanilla scent.
  • Dry down fast.
  • No lipliner needed.
  • And glad they haven’t change the formula.

The last 2 colors I tried but don’t have swatches yet are: 01 Always Red looks like Stila Beso. It’s perfect universal red. A fave of Sephora associates too! 😉 And the 99 Purple Red was very hard to photograph with my ring light. Being that it illuminates everything, it makes it appear uneven but it’s not. It’s like that perfect almost black red shade you’ve probably seen Rihanna wear. I’ll try to update the posts with those shades. May need to try natural light but it’s been so eww outside in terms of weather.

Always Red

There’s plenty of new shades to try in this collection. It keeps expanding. I’m overwhelmed, bu I am sticking to my Copper Blush. It’s where I’m at in terms of everyday MLBB and it looks bomb!

Have any faves from this collection?


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