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I started the idea on my Instagram. It will feature products I use both past and present. I rotate products through seasons but always have faves and holy grails. In addition, I’m always discovering new products. I have a lot that I slather on my face. It’s the one area where I haven’t scrimped on as I’m trying to age gracefully.

Here is the first one. These are surprisingly good face scrubs. They are gentle enough for everyday and work very well in colder months. There’s one more I can’t find which is the Yuzu. I tend to buy stuff on sale and stash only to not be able to find it. I’ll find it! πŸ˜€ Out of these two, the Nourish & Soften is my fave. It leaves skin soft. The Resurface & Energize (coffee version) is fun to use and it’s not coarse at all.

Gentle enough that it can be used for face and lips.


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