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🌟Riche Creme🌟 is one of my holy grail face creams. I’ve used the Day Creme for years. I used to work for Yves Rocher and even though this Creme is meant for 45+ I would get it anyway and use it. I think it’s paid off. It has 30 precious oils and 1000 roses blossom oils. 🌹 Now that I am older and especially during winter, I use the Intense Regenerating Care version. Twice the size of the regular jar and extra moisture. It has a pleasant soft floral 🌹 scent and my skin just soaks it up. Very nourishing and all winter long I wake up to soft skin. I go through jars of this stuff. Not for everyone! But if you tend towards dryness and want a superb anti-wrinkle skincare cream, it’s worth a look. There is Riche Creme eye cream, cream cleanser etc.

Part of my family is French so I tend to prefer French products -FrancophileΒ πŸ˜† c’est magnifique! -and yes I visited the stores and spa in Paris. Quite lovely!

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