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Just my luck that I get this palette AFTER St. Patrick’s Day. Well they did send me a free Satin liquid lip to atone. πŸ™‚

I’m posting *Drool* pics and a video close-up (see below). If you’re wondering what the background noise is, I’m watching the movie, Wonder Woman. I like to keep my posts brief and if you’re bummed there are no swatches, I don’t blame ya. I like to try shadows out on my eyes instead of putting it all over my arms. Plus there’s plenty of swatches already out there. If you’re on IG, just use the hashtag #colourpopjustmyluck and a bunch will pop up. I know, swatches do take considerable effort. There’s an art to making it look clean and cute. For me, I like wearing the eyeshadow and just doing close-ups.

Stunning greens!

I’ll try this palette out soon. The spring weather is calling for bold hues. It is stunning. See you don’t have to pay big bucks anymore for eyeshadows. πŸ˜‰ So far with all the Colourpop palettes I’ve acquired, I’ve never had any issue with pigmentation or application. They’re a great value!

Just My Luck Pressed Powder Shadow Palette (9-pan)

  • Chances Are…: matte fresh mint
  • Kiss My Hass: matte spearmint
  • 50-50: metallic mossy green
  • Big Banks: metallic jade
  • Mary Jane: metallic chartreuse
  • Olive U: metallic olive green
  • Act Natural: matte emerald
  • Mo Bamba: matte forest green
  • Charmed: matte khaki olive

For a bit of nostagia and a trip back to the past, check out my green lip swatches by clicking here. I mixed up products to create colors. Back then there were no green lipstick shades. It’s amazing to see how much make up has come a long way.


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