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I have 3 current faves that I’m raving about β€”all drugstoreβ€” all from one brand: L’Oreal.


Here they are in three different textures.

  1. L’Oreal Varnished Rosewood:Β aΒ warm mauve color and my MLBB. It is from their Colour Riche Shine collection. The tubes are see-through crystal. Very pretty. I kept turning up my nose at them but my curiosity overwhelmed me. So glad I got this and now I want some of the other colors. It wears like a Mac Glaze. Very balmy and soothing. Color is rich and shiny.


2. L’Oreal Lilac Impulse: cool-toned lilac. I tend to wear cool-toned lipsticks and this one is just a wonderful comfortable matte. From their Colour Riche Ultra Matte collection.


3. L’Oreal I Rule: mauve tint. This is from their Rouge Signature Matte Liquid Color Ink collection. I was also curious about how these were and got one. Their are very thin in texture and wear sheer. They don’t last long on the lips but do leave a tint. Comfortable and not your typical liquid. Now I’m curious about the other colors. UPDATE: I just realized these remind me of Mac’s Versicolour Lip Stains that came out in 2016. I have several of these but have largely stopped wearing them. Very similar!


I’m really excited for these shades and textures. Drugstore brands are more amazing than ever. There are so many high-end lines coming out with similar stuff, why pay triple the price?


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