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Well if you’re a Rouge, you’ve probably already shopped and chances are you’ve gotten your goodies. Mine came in and thought I’d share. Here are some things you should consider getting if you haven’t already.

The Sephora x Olly Collection

I’m already a big fan of their gummies so naturally I wanted to try something out of this collab. I got the “Glowing Skin” which has hyaluronic acid and collagen. Stuff I need more of to combat aging. So far I’ve taken two gummies and they’re yummy.


Sephora Rouge Gel Lipliner

Whoa like how did I miss these? They are the smoothest, most highly pigmented liners I’ve ever tried AND they’re retractable. No sharpening! Yes please!

I got two colors so as not to go overboard in case I didn’t like them but now I need more.

  • Rosewood: matte mauve brown
  • Bellflower: matte lilac


Sephora Lip Lacquer in 15 Not Your Baby: brownish pink

Seems to be a flurry of these types of lipsticks being released. It smells nice (faint caramel candy scent) -glad for that and the color is my MLBB BUT I do prefer the L’Oreal version. L’OrΓ©al’s actually hugs my lips. This one feels like it’s a little too slippery. Good coverage just too much slip. I think I’ve just saved myself from buying more! πŸ˜€

Disclaimer: all products purchased unless otherwise noted. Opinions are my own.

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