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3 months?! Have I been gone that long from WordPress?

Yea life has been that crazy.

Here’s something I picked up that I wish I didn’t.

One dud of a set.

It seems to be the norm with these minis. There’s only one lipstick that excited me and I’ll tell you why. Read on.


ABH LYCHEE: Matte blushed mauve with micro-sparkle reflect

The first one I tried from the set. Difficult to get anything on lips. Felt dry and color was sheer shimmer.


ABH COCONUT: matte toasted rose

The only matte color without any glitter or shimmer. Looks nice but still has that uncomfortable dry feel I find with these ABH minis.


ABH ORANGE BLOSSOM: Matte soft peach floral with iridescent sheen

Quite a dud of a color. The description makes it sound so enticing. I see the sheen in the tube but not on my lips. Just dryness. Also is orange or peach? I got confused with the name and description. Maybe it should be Peachy Orange Blossom? πŸ˜€


ABH GUAVA: matte light coral with shimmery pink reflect

The only one I fairly liked simple because I added a pink gloss and transformed it. It now looks like my coveted Wonder Woman lips.Β 

This set is a pass. If you still want it, wait for it to go on sale again or eventually you’ll be seeing it in the bins at Marshall’s.

Ciao for now!


2 thoughts on “ABH MATTE MINIS

    1. Yea the only way for me is to add gloss but they’re so tiny, it just gets forgotten. Some of the tubes are bent and about to fall out just from my swiping to get the color on my lips. I’ll be skipping these sets in the future. Not really worth it.

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