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I am pleased to present to you my very first custom palette from Colourpop. It took me hours selecting colors that I know I currently am in the vein of wearing and actually using. I skipped deep, dark colors simply because I already have so much of those in existing palettes. The dark colors are ones that I never really hit pan on so no reason to get more.

My eyeshadow looks are usually soft so a variety of crease colors were chosen. My lid colors usually are shimmers and metallics. Brow bone shade (Hear Me Out) to blend it all out and inner corner duos for a pop of brightness while blending it into the lid. All the medium shades (Silver Lining, Chic Happens, Take the Lead) are for outer corner and some depth. I don’t wear anything deeper trying to maintain a more natural look during bright, sunny summer days.

My choices include their duochromes, mattes, metallics, shimmers and a glitter. The glitter (Hungry Ghost) is cute but not something I want to use all the time. My pops of color are lime green and hot pink.

So far I took it out for a spin on my birthday and I do like it very much.


Close-ups of the shadows without labels:


Ciao for now!


5 thoughts on “My Custom Palette

  1. Thanks for an awesome review! ❀️ The choice of colours is gorgeous! My favorites are Prowlin & Glass Bull. Are you happy with the pigmentation?

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