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I had to.

I had to get it and satiate my curiosity. Even though the color story looked like circus puke and the layout of the colors made no sense. It was packaged in similar fashion to the way Denona palettes are packaged.

There is nothing “pro” about this palette. It is quite a reckless release imo. There are 17 shades out of the 25 that are NOT SUITABLE FOR THE EYE AREA.

I was a bit afraid of using it. I picked up some of the A5 (hot pink) and it stained my finger. It’s crazy because on one hand I’ve never had problems with Colourpop or Huda Beauty and they use pressed pigments yet I know when I used a similar neon hot pink in the Urban Decay Electric palette that stained my eyelids. Annoying to say the least. Probably why I skipped the Riviera and Alyssa palettes. I don’t wear hot pink and purple cut crease on the daily like a drag queen would.

Intense Pigments!

I proceeded cautiously. Or tried to. I even used my older brushes because I didn’t want to stain them since I use them with my other palettes.

I used A5 and D1 for the crease, since they are pure pigments, they blend together to create orange easily on the lid. (It’s like there’s no need for E2 and E4 which are both bright oranges. But I can see if you want just an orange instead of mixing it. Heck I can use the yellow and blue to make green. Green isn’t even present at all in this palette. Probably will be in the next Vol. 2. Maybe? You know there are more Volumes in the works I’m sure) Then a bit of A2, one of the purples for outer corner along with D5-Black to deepen.

My lid was E1-sparkly peach and inner corner was A1-lavender shimmer. Brow was C1-White.

Undereye was D4-royal blue with bits of shimmer. I did use a bit of E2-orange and C2-gold as well. ALL OF THE COLORS ARE INTENSE. I had to dip my brush in sparingly.

So most of the colors I used with the exception of just A1-Lavender shimmer and C2-Gold were not safe for eyes. Even the D5-Black was not safe!

The eye look I created is pretty much a look I can create with the many palettes I do have and not with the risk this palette has.

Staining, ugh!

So what happened even after foundation, concealer, primer were used to offset any staining? After removing the makeup with Farmacy melt-off, LancΓ΄me Bifacils, wipes and a face wash as well, my eyelids were stained. They’re still stained a pink (I’m guessing it’s that pigment that did the most staining) and they actually do hurt! 😣

Sadly I may be allergic to the intense dyes. I don’t know if it’s just the hot pink or all of them. I could try using the colors that are ok and see if anything happens but that’s too much of a hassle. Sigh.


UPDATE: here are 2 pure pigments. The hot pink and the black-both unapproved for eye use. The staining left. I used Ivory soap. Yes you must use oil-based remover. The thing is I used an oil-based remover: wipes, balm, Bifacils AND face wash for my eyes that were primed and the stains were still there. Especially if you’re doing a heavy-handed application like the looks posted using this palette. Skin on the eyes are thinner than anywhere else. I can’t imagine going through this everyday if I were to use this palette regularly.

Since they are pure pigments, you can mix colors on your hand. The odor of the palette smells like art pigment paint. Like if went to the store and bought pure pigments because I wanted to mix with my own mediums. Definitely NOT for an average consumer!

Made in where?

I’m also thinking the fact that this is made in China might be a factor. The first Norvina-named palette was made in China whereas the Soft Glam and Modern Renaissance were made in USA. I didn’t have any issues with ANY of those palettes! So is it an allergic reaction to certain dyes in this one? πŸ€”

For example, everything Colourpop makes they do it in-house and it’s made in USA. I’ve never had reactions even with their pinkest of pink palettes like the Ooh La La. Huda Beauty as well – no reactions.

Just who is this palette for?

Just who is this palette for? I know it’s not for me. I can’t imagine a pro makeup artist having this in their kit because there may be clients with allergies to certain dyes (and talc).

People that don’t care what they put on their face maybe? πŸ˜‚ πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ After reading this article on the Refinery, probably.

Of course I know the whole FDA approval thing and it’s safe in Europe etc but you may be someone who has no allergies or reactions to these pigments OR you may be someone who does have reaction(s). Companies get away with these by just putting in a little slip of paper or tiny print on the box saying that it’s not safe instead of applying for approval.

Boring yet safe

This palette just makes me appreciate the stuff that I do have. Even the older boring palettes. (And those that follow me on my social media channels all know I’m a palette junkie). πŸ˜‚ Including many ABH.

I might be looking at that new Urban Decay Naked Honey in a whole new light. Just give me boring, workable eyeshadows that are safe for my eyes, please. (Or give me Colourpop πŸ˜‚).

Your thoughts?


Addendum: luckily I got this on discount so it’s either going back or I’m actually going to use it to paint with…on a canvas. πŸ˜‚

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