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Hey πŸ‘‹πŸ½

I’ve recovered from the Norvina since my last post. Still a palette junkie. So many releases which seem crazy but I’m actually enjoying seeing the variety that’s out there right now. Just not anything from ABH. Steering clear of those because their pressed pigments were a fail for me.

As for lipsticks, I haven’t gotten any new lipsticks except for this one. I had to try the Dior Lip Glow to the Max. I love their OG lip glow which is a cult-fave luxe balm that really is not your average balm.

This lip balm looks like candy. I choose Rosewood 212 and it is gorgeous. You can see swatches below. The last one I added some Bite Chai gloss for extra shine.

Is it worth it? Yea one lipstick splurge from Dior is a nice treat and switch-up.

You just got to find the color you like best.

Glow on!


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