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A limited-edition set featuring 5 all-new, all-nude lip shades.

Yep I picked this up after having sworn off ABH products (with the exception of the Dip Brow stuff) because of the Norvina Vol 1 palette reaction and the dud of a mini-lip set from their summer release.

This set was radiating off those Beverly Hills “filthy rich” and “let them eat cake” vibes. You know wearing a bomb nude lip combo with a full-glam look, you’d fit in nicely with the ladies on Rodeo Drive.Β  The set itself retails for $40 which is a pretty good price for 5 full-size lip products. It was the last set on the shelf and wanted to go home with me. πŸ˜€ However these colors do take work to make them look good.

What You Get

This set includes 5 shades – 3 matte liquids, 1 shimmer liquid and 1 lip gloss.

  • Summer Vibes Lip Gloss (iridescent pink peach with multi-reflective gold)
  • Beaming Liquid Lipstick (metallic light pink rose)
  • On Mute Liquid Lipstick (matte mauve brown)
  • Peachy Liquid Lipstick (matte soft orange)
  • Sand Liquid Lipstick (matte butterscotch)

Honestly I only tried 3 of the colors in this set before I decided to set it aside for faves on my vanity. I still have the peach and shimmer colors to test. I initially tried On MuteΒ (mauve brown) and it looks great but after wearing it for several hours β€”even though it’s lightweight in textureβ€” my lips felt dry, wanting to be quenched. Is it this formula? Or have I gotten spoiled by bullets and glosses that are far more moisturizing even in their matte formulations? Hmmm… Better question is when will I go back to this set and try out the remaining 2 shades? Keeping reading to find out!

The next color I tried was Sand (butterscotch). It reminded me of the DOC Sand color and Mac Myth. It looked like concealer lips on me applied as is. You really have to do extra work with these types of nude shades. Below I’m wearing the Sand (butterscotch)Β color. However I applied On Mute (mauve brown) along the outer edges. Finished it with Mac Spice lipliner to add more definition and topped it off with theΒ Summer Vibes Lip Gloss (iridescent pink peach with multi-reflective gold). The gloss is great and as I recall smells great too with a cake scent.

An Iconic Nude Lip Combo

You’re probably looking at this and thinking is this the iconic Mac BlanketyΒ Amplified lipstick with Soar lip pencil and Mac Prrr Lipglass look? Close! You can achieve those types of nude looks with this set, it just takes more work.

Well I did go back and try out the remaining 2 shades!

Peachy (soft orange)Β isn’t too bad. Shading in lipliner (used KVD Hawkwind) helps create definition. It really won’t look good without it. You’ll just have peachy concealer lips. I added a bit of gloss on top so you can see the difference. The matte dries down to velvety finish yet I prefer to drench my lips with the gloss. I could get use out of this set by adding the gloss for the comfort level.


Beaming (metallic light pink rose) is very shimmery. I still had to shade in liner (Mac Spice) along the edges to give some definition to my lips. This is the least fave color since I don’t wear metallic liquids often as it emphasizes lip lines.

ABH BeamingΒ 

If you are a die-hard ABH fan or someone who wears nude lips 24/7…AND loves liquid lipstick, this set is for you. If you aren’t any of that, you’re probably going to be ok with whatever lip products you do have to create all the nude lip looks your heart desires and trust me, the ladies on Rodeo Drive will not know the difference!



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