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What a fabulous set of mini’s from Mac!

This would be my first purchase of their holiday mini kits. The holiday design for their packaging was too cute to pass up and it went on sale.

It took me a couple of days to work through the lip colors and get a feel for the new ones. I wound up renewing love for old faves which this set will do if you’ve neglected your Mac lippies. It also makes for a great discovery set for someone new to Mac lipstick.

I did new swatches for everything except Ruby Woo. That’s the only one I haven’t touched because I have a full tube I’m using.

The kit comes in a glittery clutch for a night out on New Year’s. So clever.

Twelve lipsticks for every occasion and mood!

Inside the tubes are coordinated in colors to match the lipstick with glitter sprinkled on top making it a  truly festive presentation. Love this! 

  1. OFFICIAL STAR: Pink champagne metallic finish. (LE)
  2. KINDA SEXY: Neutral pinky-rose matte finish.
  3. CB96: Bright pinky-orange with pearl frost finish.
  4. SEE SHEER: Grapefruit pink lustre finish.
  5. CHILI: Brownish orange-red matte finish.
  6. RUBY WOO: Vivid blue-red retro matte finish.
  7. ALL FIRED UP: Bright fuchsia retro matte finish.
  8. CANDY YUM YUM: Neon pink matte finish.
  9. NOUVELLE VOGUE: Neutral pink matte finish.
  10. EXTRA STARS PLEASE: Dirty mauve frost finish. (LE)
  11. LOST IN THE STARS: Reddish purple with pink reflects dazzle finish. (LE)
  12. DIVA: Intense reddish-burgundy matte finish.

There are 3 new lip colors and the rest are all permanent shades in the line. The best one is the Dazzle finish, Lost in the Stars. It has the perfect amount of sparkle yet leaves a soft almost glaze-like finish. The other two are a frost and metallic. I’m not a frost finish girl but both shades are workable for me by adding a bit of gloss and liner.

So faves out of this collection are Mac Chili since I never got that shade. I’ve warmed up to the burnt orange red vibes I got from the Mac Devoted to Chili Powder Kiss version. This is more pigmented which I don’t mind. Next is the Dazzlefinish Lost in the Stars. You can see it looks like a sparkly balm. No grittiness! And I’ve always wanted to try the Mac See Sheer lustre. It’s ranked as Mac’s top sellers and I could never figure out why. Whenever I’d swatch it on my hand, I felt it to be a “meh” color. It looks like something I’d wear in the spring. Not bad but probably popular because it looks like a discontinued Viva Glam shade. Mac CB96 was a fun color. It’s a very bright, pop of shimmery pinky-orange with a 70s/80s vibe that could go into my Wonder Woman lips list.

Well there ya have it. A late post that I managed to squeeze in before the end of 2019! If you got this set, let me know what you think. If you didn’t, I’m sure Ulta, Mac or Macy’s probably still has them or maybe not. It’s a definite for me that I will be keeping my eye out on these types of sets when they come out. You’re not getting a full tube but enough variety to play with.

Happy New Year 2020!



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