Lipstick for Silver Hair


This is a post for women who are making the transition to silver. Many women are unmasking their grey and ditching the dye. In some cases, it goes beyond the dye and chemicals but is a spiritual journey of embracing getting older.

My reasons for not coloring my hair were because of family illness and hair loss. I joined a support group of silver sisters who were transitioning. I know many women struggle to find a lip color that goes with their silver. At first I found myself wearing mostly soft colors like mauve, dusty roses and lavenders which I still LOVE but I stopped wearing my bright reds, purples and pinks. I didn’t have the energy for it. Now I’m revisiting my statement lip colors and discovering new ones. There are some women that have never rocked a red lippie, but really, you can rock whatever lip color you want with your silver hair! Confidence is key!

I played around with the new upload feature on the Mac Cosmetics site. I have many of these lip colors and my lip swatches can be found on my Pinterest and my Instagram.

Here’s a visual guide against my silver hair wearing my new winter hat. It’s been too warm for winter and now I hear the groundhog is declaring an early spring, but I’m still going to rock my hat. 😀

Visual Guide

Mac Love Me Lipstick: All 24 colors – Argan oil-infused formula with a satin-soft finish. Really love this line!

Mac Powder Kiss – weightless, soft moisturizing matte (13 of 22 colors)

Mac Lipsticks (mix of finishes)

*new shades

I hope this helps you to find a color you like. Silver sisters have different variations of silver based upon what mother nature gives them. Some have salt and pepper, some have fairy white, molten silver, steel, porch grey, tinsel or some have a mix like me. I still have my brown color growing at the back of my head and a few intermixed throughout so it looks like highlights. It’s been an interesting journey. Silver hair reflects the light around it so it never looks the same. At this point, I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to hair dye but I love the freedom silver hair brings. You can find some of my transition pics on my @theElderWoman insta.

Have fun with your new lip color! Love to hear what you got.



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