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A overdue review showing love to this lip gloss. πŸ™‚

This set came out back in October of last year and I snatched it up with another new mini-set then because I wanted to have new colors. That mini-set which is no longer available had the new shade: Sweetmouth, a shimmering soft pink which is now available as full-size. I love the formula on these and my fave colors are Fenty Glow, the perfect rose nude that Rihanna came out with when she launched her brand, and Fu$$y, a cool-toned pink.

It’s a neat set if you love these glosses. At the time, I found myself not really caring for these new shades because I loved my faves. I’ve been revisiting them tho and I have them on my vanity so they are in rotation and accessible. Here’s a break-down of each color.

The Shade Breakdown

Pretty Please: shimmering fuchsia. The first one I tried is a nice, robust pink gloss. It’ll be good for spring.

Confetti: shimmering iridescent opal. This one is reminiscent of all the lip glosses I wore non-stop during the summer of 2018. I have back-to-back swatches on my Insta of iridescent gloss types.

Hot Chocolit: shimmering rich brown. Being that it’s a translucent brown, your lip undertone can change the way it looks. So all these glosses will look different. This shade makes my lips look balmy.

Fu$$y: shimmering pink. My fave because it is cool-toned and that’s what I like to wear: a functional everyday MLBB shade.

Cheeky: shimmering bright red-orange. At one point I wore orange so much that I got burnt out by the shade. This one renewed my interest. It shows off a stunning sparkle as you turn when the light hits.

I threw in the Fenty Glow swatch for comparison with a fresh, new swatch. Still the most perfect rose nude gloss in the world. BTW, this set is still available on Sephora!

Do you have a fave Fenty gloss?

Shine on!


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