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With the global pandemic and shut-downs of shops, bars and restaurants, I’m glad I bought this fragrance when I did. Miss Dior Rose N’Roses is Dior’s newest addition to the Miss Dior line. It is a pink-tinted eau de toilette encased in the signature Miss Dior flask.

  • Top Notes: Italian mandarin, bergamot, geranium essence.
  • Heart: Grasse rose, Damask rose.
  • Base: white musk.

It’s main accord is a musky rose with hints of citrus. There is an old-fashioned quality to this 2020 release. If you want to smell like an elegant, old lady, this is it. I love fresh rose scents tremendously. Some are superior to others. I wouldn’t classify this as the best rose scent out there but it’s one to add to your collection if you’re a lover of roses. The geranium gives it a mildly spicy quality.

Once it starts to settle down on my skin, it’s a mandarin rose mix. In the final dry down, I’m left with a musky almost powdery soft rose. The longevity depends on where I spray it. I found on my skin it doesn’t last but I could still detect it in my hair long after washing it.

Rose and Roses!

About the rose in this fragrance. Grasse Rose aka Rose de Grasse is a 100-petaled rose that is hand-picked in Grasse, France. It is the French capital of perfumery since the 1600s. It’s fragrant pink petals bloom in May and it’s essence thick and sweet.

The Damask Rose is one of the world’s oldest fragrances. It is the source of rose oil also known as ‘attar of roses” commonly used in perfumes. Damask roses are consumed as edibles, in teas and as garnishes. It’s known for it’s soothing and anti-aging benefits.

Now you can see why I love roses!

Natalie Portman is the face in the ads for this fragrance so it’s catering to a young demographic. However as I mentioned, it does have that “old lady scent” quality to it which I’ve always detested calling certain fragrances that btw. What is considered old now was probably very new for the young generation at the time of it’s creation.

But you know what, I’m going to wear it because I’ll smell like an ELEGANT old lady.


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