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On March 1st, Huda Beauty released new eyeshadow palettes for spring/summer.
Three pastel pretties: Rose, Lilac and Green.

Nine eyeshadows designed to compliment existing palettes or to create a soft eye look on it’s own… blah, blah, blah.

Hey guys.

I still haven’t used this. I’ve left it as is. For me, it’s symbolic of the world as it was before the lockdown and outbreak of the virus in the US. A pristine piece of beauty unmarred by touch.Β Β 

These were slated to be in-store on March 27th, I wanted to go swatch all of them but decided to just pick one and order online. I chose the Rose since I love roses. It truly is stunning. Now no one is able to go to any stores except for essential groceries and gas.

I’ll leave you with this video image of the palette. I think it will complement my other palettes nicely if I ever decide to use it. I’ve been in survival mode.

Remember, we’re all in this together and let’s pray we get out of this and back to a better and safer world!


A pristine piece of beauty unmarred by touch.Β Β 

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