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Thought I’d make this a quick, fun post. I had purchased these last year during a sale. I wanted to round out my Revlon collection with some of their classic mauve shades since I adore mauve lipcolors! Not that I’m hurting for lipstick but I do love their formula. I chose colors that had something with mauve (and some roses)Β either in the name or description. Revlon came out with NEW* shades and three of those are in this group. All lipsticks went on smoothly as you’d expect from the Revlon formula. The last one is described as a ‘peony pink’. I chose that one since I love peonies. It was different from the rest in that the bullet shape wasn’t rounded. Don’t know why. It did have a slightly thicker texture. Onto the swatches!

The nine shades starting from top row left to right are:

First Row (top)

  1. Blushing Mauve: (pearl) Pearlized dark salmon.
  2. Sassy Mauve: (creme) Creamy deep pink purple.
  3. Plum Baby: (pearl) Pearlized dusty lilac.

Second Row (middle)

  1. Mauvy Night: (creme) Creamy brown purple.
  2. NEW* Make Me Blush:Β (creme) Creamy blushed mauve.
  3. NEW* On The Mauve:Β (creme) Creamy violet mauve.

Third Row (bottom)

  1. Rose Velvet: (creme) Creamy brown rose.
  2. Rose & Shine: (pearl) Pearlized semi-sheer pale rose.
  3. NEW* Secret Club:Β (creme) Creamy peony pink.

Which Revlon lippie is your fave?


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