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This past week has had some brow-raising moments.

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On Monday, I got a text message from Mac about doing pre-orders for Mac Selena La Reina.

In a pandemic…

Try to wrap your brain around that. When people have lost their jobs in record numbers, they are certainly trying to determine whether they should buy limited edition Mac or put food on the table. Geez.

Too Faced being Too Faced, I Guess

Then an email from Mr. Blandino, CEO of Too Faced pops up in my inbox. I get that you’re trying to be a “ray of sunshine” in a time of crisis but it oozes of pretentiousness: “…famous lemon blueberry scones”? This is when rich people overestimate their own self-importance. I don’t know of any famous recipes by Jerrod. After reading the letter, I was expecting to see maybe a relief effort for first responders. You know where Jerrod can —out of his own bank account— give back to those who are on the front lines. He did sell Too Faced to Estee Lauder for $1.45 billion


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The rest of the week was an endless slew of emails with sales. Ulta offered free shipping with a measly $15 purchase. Friends and Family sales. Morphe slashed prices on their James Charles and Jeffree Star palettes. I bet you really want those now!

Meanwhile in Twitterland

Jeffree Star had another twitter feud about him donating money. I honestly don’t follow him but that didn’t surprise me. What did surprise me, was reading that Sephora let go their part-time employees in a 3-minute conference call after telling said employees they would be ok. That company is worth $4 billion. I used to work at Sephora but that’s for another blog post. People are now swearing off Sephora and boycotting them. The most prominent Sephora in my city is boarded up too.

And yup Revlon

Then the week ended with a friend tagging me on Revlon’s Wonder Woman collection with Gal Gadot. It wasn’t that they were releasing this now that was bad, but what was hilarious were the comments on the post.

“Who dafuq buy Revlon makeup anymore?”

“Was Mac busy?”

“This is …caca.”

“Please don’t go to the store just to buy makeup people.” (Yes please don’t.)

“Colourpop would kill a WW collection.” (Yes they would!)

“Nothing beats the MAC Wonder Woman collection. Pre-IG days were the best for makeup hunting!”

I agree on that last comment. Makeup was more exciting pre-IG, now there’s just too much of it being consistently pushed in your face. Those who spend time on IG know this first-hand. I also figure the audience on that account must be comprised of tweens or snobby makeup consumers. The point is even drugstore makeup giant Revlon is disconnected from reality by releasing a collection that’s tied to a movie that we probably won’t even see until 2021. And Revlon isn’t cruelty-free, so I get the antagonistic remarks from vegan makeup users.

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I Get It

I get it. Makeup companies have products and launches already set to release. People who work for these companies need their jobs and keep the economy going. But you do realize the economy is in a free fall crash. All those retail positions gone. Even warehouse positions cut. Most places are on a skeleton crew I’m sure. Just because Amazon is hiring 100,000 people, does not mean Ulta is. Those remaining employees probably have their hours cut.

I get it. You certainly don’t want stuff sitting around like Jacyln Hill’s did with the hair on the lipsticks collection she had. But people are going to think twice about buying makeup vs buying essentials. And make up is non-essential. You can’t wear a full face with a N95 mask.

My makeup routine has been modified. Now it’s just moisturizer and clear gloss. *I try* to put on more to feel some semblance of normalcy but to be honest I just can’t. Last night a young woman got shot in the head where I live. She miraculously survived but the pandemic has these unfortunate side effects. Society starts to spiral down because you have no food, no job, no money. And makeup is the last thing on anyone’s mind.


PS. I still adore my collection and think makeup uplifts. I’m just concerned, very concerned with everything. The crisis does take it’s toil on you. Hope to have more swatches and reviews. I do have plenty of new makeup from LAST YEAR. I just wish these greedy makeup companies would do something. Maybe some are, please post if you know of any.

Oh and speaking of brows, I’m going to have Brooke Shields brows by the end of this quarantine.

Stay home and be safe!

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