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Is Your Makeup Going in a More Simplistic Route?

With some states opening up and others still in lockdown, I think makeup trends will be going in a simplistic route. Some folks might feel the need to get back into a lot of makeup because it was deemed non-essential and offers them a semblance of pre-Corona times. An attempt at feeling normal again. Perhaps even a celebration in some areas that are seeing things opening.

Regardless, the virus changed our way of life. It traumatized us.Β  Some folks may be feeling the need to wind back some due to financial hardship. For myself, it will take some time. I don’t think we are out of the woods yet. Because I’m counting on Godzilla showing up in October.

Either way, the crisis has changed what we prioritize. For myself, since I am mandated to wear a mask while out, I can’t really slap on a bright, creamy red or Candy Yum Yum. My corner of the world is uncertain, so I’ve kept it simple. Light application of lip gloss or some fun lip balms, eyebrow gel, bit ‘o blush and a dusting of powder foundation. Swept all over!

The quarantine has worn me out. I did make several attempts at doing a basic full face which for me includes mauve eyeshadows, blush AND highlighter, brow pencil, lip liner, lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara. But as the days turned into weeks, I wound up going without foundation most of the time. I’ve learned to love my skin again. I tell ya when you go back and put on that liquid foundation with a Beautyblender, it does feel like a mask. Which I did with UD All Nighter. I loved the airbrush look I’d get but it still felt kinda cakey? I can’t go heavy handed anymore and I really don’t want to.Β  Less in more. The older you get, the less ya need. Plus I ain’t got no money for Botox! πŸ˜€

Fenty Beauty: Glass Slipper

Fenty Glass Slipper

I love the simplicity of Fenty Glass Slipper. I keep it clean and clear by wiping off the doe-foot applicator.

Lime Crime Extra Poppin’ Cherry Gloss

I also love the clear gloss from Lime Crime Extra Poppin. The ones with glitter that I initially got were too gritty and I wasn’t feeling the color cremes either. But this! The cherry scent is soooo nice.

Extra Poppin: cherry-scented clear lip gloss

Well how do you feel about makeup application?
Going for the full beat down or keeping it simple?



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