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Some random thoughts…

What quarantine has done to me. And probably many others.

I’ve turned into a blob. A depressed blob. It felt like I lost time. My state is still in lockdown so that feeling has not ended. Besides being a blob or feeling like one, getting a haircut, nails and eyebrows done seems like some faded memory. I mention this here because this blog is about beauty and for many of you, personal grooming is very important.

Currently, my brows look like a version of Brooke’s but 85.3% less classier. My hair…oh please don’t ask about my hair! It’s been six months. I had finally found a hairstylist that knew what I wanted and did an excellent job. I was supposed to see her in March and then the lockdown happened. I don’t even know if she’s still in business and if she is, I probably won’t get to see her until August or maybe October. I do feel for the businesses that have closed permanently in my area.

There’s a therapeutic quality you get from these grooming services. For me, they are essential. We all need cuts, trims and refreshes. It energizes our spirits. My cat needs a cut too. Petsmart has opened but only for dogs. Soon sweetie soon!

Makeup Talk

So what’s up with all the sales from Urban Decay?

Are they getting rid of their stock?
Going under? Hurting? (They are worth $300-$400 million).
Coming out with new stuff?

Maybe a little bit of each. They had these deep discounts on their palettes and cult-fave products. I was tempted. Those were the prices you wish were around before the virus. It’ll be interesting to see what happens going forward.

Remember products have been sitting in these stores for MONTHS now.
The flagship Sephora store in my city is still boarded up except for the Mac and Ulta in downtown. Think about it, all the products in store have been sitting there since March. Warehouses are more likely to have newer products and since so much shopping is online, most new releases are at the warehouse.

Sephora has a huge list of deeply discounted products on their site which is product that’s sitting in their warehouse that nobody wants. Ulta is doing curbside pickup in some states. Mine finally opened up with 46 stores.

Just remember that if you ever go back into the store. I think,Β  it’ll be a while before manufacturing/supply and demand get back. Some companies had their products made in Italy and China. Probably quality will be an issue too. I read the reviews for Huda’s new lip balm and many said it had an awful smell.

Reduction of production. Seeing lip lines dwindle. And other stuff.
Recently, I got messaged by a follower on a certain lip color that had been discontinued. I suggested some Mac lip shades since they still hold the most selection of lipstick colors in any makeup line. I was curious though and started looking through brands. Many have product selections that have dwindled down. You might want to hold onto your stuff and your backups too!


Got scammed.
I was starting to post again on my IG and got contacted by a vendor to do a product review. It turned out that I was being scammed. The first time too. I’ve worked with legit vendors on reviewing products. Luckily I was able to get out of it before any real damage was done. I think I’ll be foregoing any reviews from international companies for the time being unless they are a significant brand.

That’s all for now. If you noticed anything, let me know in the comments below!


ADDENDUM: things might turn around quickly for the makeup industry. They have an estimated worth of about $532 billion. So you never know. As long as nothing impedes it. We have arrived in June after an unprecedented series of events that disrupted our way of life so who knows what the next six months have in store. It’s one to watch!

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