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Bite Beauty released their Astrology by Bite lipsticks back in 2018. Each month a zodiac lipstick was released. Initially I bought my zodiac lipstick –Leo– in 2018. They came out with a set at the end of the year. That set went on sale in 2019 so I decided to get it. I’ve kept it pristine and unused for months. I tend to do that with many of the multi-sets I’ve gotten. So this is just me catching up with old stuff.

As for Bite, I haven’t kept track of where they are with their products. I know there were sales and phasing out stuff. At this point, I have about as much Bite Beauty as I’ll ever need. I think Bite makes great pigmented red lipstick (Tannin, Gazpacho). You get a few nude gems in there (Cava, Glace, Amaretto) and then some weird colors (remember Kale?).

Update: So I looked at their site. I do recall they were going to reformulate their products to be 100% vegan. All they have now is lip tints, plumping lip glosses ($25!) and matte lip crayons, plus lip care and foundation. No lipsticks. Guess it was ok for me to hoard them when I could. They might bring them back?

Swatch Analysis

I remember these lipsticks getting criticism over color choices for the signs. Honestly some are way off. Also many shades stain really badly.

    Aries: orange. For a Fire sign, eh should have been red.
    Taurus: mauve nude. Taureans got a nice Earth-type shade. A fave.
    Gemini: classic red and rose brown. The twins got basic colors. This could have been popping but it was basic especially for an Air sign. They split this lipstick for the mini set as the colors bled in the duo lipstick. Probably because the formula is soft. The only company to have nailed the duo lipstick was Agnes B. I still have it too.
    Cancer: cool-toned pink nude. Soft shade for this Water sign but no distinction with the Taurus as they look similar.
    Virgo: deep red. A fave. Think they nailed it for this Earth sign.
    Libra: this is straight-up poop. This Air sign deserved better.
    Scorpio: orange-red. For a Water sign? C’mon it should have been a shimmer purple.
    Sagittarius: bright neon pink. They went with crazy candy yum yum shade. This Fire sign is fun and crazy. It stains like crazy too.
    Aquarius: pinkish purple. The shade that should have been Scorpio’s. Pink shimmer for this Air sign would have been better.
    Capricorn: blackened plum. This looks downright evil. This Earth sign is of a goat perhaps they were thinking of goth.
    Pisces: muddy coral. Maybe they were thinking of sand? It’s a meh color for this Water sign.
    Leo: Gold shimmer. I saved the best for last as it’s my sign. πŸ˜‰ There were many complaints about this one. Some thought orange or red would have been a better choice however I love the gold. Makes it unique and matches the Fire sign qualities (aka sunny and luxe personality). I still have the gold gloss too.

Do you still have any old Bite lippies?

Which was your treasured favorite?

What other sets do I have sitting around? πŸ€”

PS. Oh I figured out how to circumvent the ‘block editor’. I can get back to ‘classic editor’ on my phone. The site doesn’t work well on my laptop. Kept crashing and not saving work.


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