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Pro nail line guru, Deborah Lippmann came out with a oh-so collectible (and giftable) lip and nail duo collection. You can coordinate your lips to your nails. Each kit comes with her renowned, award-winning Gel Lab Pro Color Treatment Nail Polish (0.27 fl.oz.) and a New Hydra-Cushion Balmy Lip Gloss (0.20 oz).

Let’s Talk About the Gloss

Formula and Texture
The gloss is a CBD + Vegan Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid formula. This formula has left my lips very soft after wear. All the bad stuff like parabens, mineral oil, etc are not in this. It’s not sticky at all and has a light “cake” scent. For me, they’re very reminiscent in texture of the Bobbi Brown Crushed Oils lip glosses and a bit of Urban Decay HiFi.
Color and Applicator

The color deposits are sheer which is perfect. You can build up if you want more of a “balmy” texture, since the formula doesn’t feel heavy at all! Very lightweight, feel-good finish.

The applicator could use some flex or an angled tip. Not enough product gets on it so you have to re-dip a few times.

The three colors I received were all the shades I love to wear!

    Lay Lady Lay: Light Plum

    Naked: Cool Beige Nude

    Modern Love: Nude Mauve (my fave!)

Let’s Talk About the Nail Polish

Gel Lab Pro Color Treatment Nail Polish

The nail formula is superb! You can get excellent opaque coverage with one coat for the mauve shades but ideally for perfect manicures, you want to do two layers. I had to do a second coat for the “Naked” shade anyway which I loved the most despite my having so many nude shades. It just looks so classy and gorgeous. The plum shade “Lay Lady Lay” I tested on my right hand with only one coat. A bit sloppy as I’m right-handed and my left hand always looks more perfect. So right now, my left hand is in “Naked” and my right I will do over later. I busted out the “Modern Love” first since I adore those dusty mauve colors. Very impressed with performance so far no chips and I do a lot of work with my hands plus battling autumn dryness.
Lips + Nails: Modern Love 💕

The Deborah Lippmann Duets are available on my Amazon store as well as, and HSN.

They retail for $25 and make perfect gifts!

Which duet is your fave?


Disclaimer: Products were sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.

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