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Blog Shorts: Every year, there’s this glorious sale and it happens. You find yourself collecting palettes. Many of which remain untouched to this day at least for me. 😂

I must say Colourpop has been knocking it out of the ballpark with an ever increasing assortment of eyeshadow themed palettes.

Their formula is quite frankly the best: creamy, pigmented, and blendable. I rarely have any issues with them. The variety they offer is fun too and did I mention the PRICE?

So if you love palette p*o*r*n, follow my Tumblr and Pinterest, where I upload dazzling video closeups and photos of palettes in natural daylight (sometimes indoor). As for swatches, I tend to reserve the use of eyeshadows for my eyes. I know there are dedicated channels that excel in arm swatches and comparisons which is quite a bit of work! Any shadow will look great on your arm but it’s a different game for your eyes.

Featured Palette: Ménage a Muah, a romantic mauve palette.


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