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She made it! 🀩

Beautiful marble case design. Sturdy case with mirror. Descriptive ingredient list. This palette is made in China.

It’s not that I’m lacking in gold eyeshadows, in fact I have an over abundance with some palettes probably outperforming this Cult Beauty exclusive. I just had to get it because I’m a sucker for gold eyeshadows.

A Stunner! 🀩

I love the way gold eyeshadow looks on the lids. There’s so many variations now that it’s a joy to play with. Back in the ancient decades of early makeup (think 70s, 80s heck even 90s), there wasn’t much in terms of these types of eyeshadows. If you’re a newbie makeup user, consider yourself lucky!

The only thing I can say is that it took over a month to arrive and amazingly nothing was shattered inside considering it wasn’t packaged all that great.

The Box.

Is it worth ordering? IMO probably not. I don’t know why Huda made an exclusive palette for the UK. Would have made more sense to make it exclusive on her USA site as well. Question is will she release more versions? Like Silver or Bronze? I don’t want to wait over a month getting those! I’m good.

The Pastel Rose one I got before the lockdown in March performed so poorly. For now, I’m just going to stare at it. At least until the new year. It does sparkle like crazy!

Like solid gold.


Solid Gold ✨

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