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Swatches & Quick Review

It’s a cute set of mini’s. If you’ve been a Mac user and fan, you probably already have these shades but if you love the sparkly tubes and “miniature ness”, they make a pretty addition to any collection. The downside to these are they can break if you’re not careful when applying and these aren’t back-2-Mac. PROS: They are portable and you get variety for a decent price. Got mine during a sale for less than the price of three full-size lipsticks.

Here are swatches. I decided to do some fresh ones and use older ones (Ruby Woo and Mehr).

Going through a mini-set like this, you get to try out a new shade, rediscover an old fave or find out you don’t care for a color you used to be crazy about.

Snob: Light Neutral Pink. Used to wear this a lot. Now it’s kinda meh.

Politely Pink: Light Frosted Pink. For those who love an 80s lip not quite my jam.

Plumful: Blossoming Rose Plum. A lustre which looks glossy. Love this! Wish I tried it sooner.

Mocha: Peachy Yellow Brown. Nice shade. New try for me. I always wanted to get this one.

Ruby Woo: Vivid blue-red. A fave. Have several tubes!

Lady Danger: Vivid Bright Coral Red. Another old fave. Reminds me of Revlon Fire & Ice.

Dubonnet: Deepened Claret. Can see why it’s a bestseller. New try for me. Blot with tissue and it looks fab.

Mehr: Dirty Blue Pink. Another old fave right up there with Brave and Faux.

Vegas Volt: Full Power Coral. Like Snob, I used to wear this a lot. It may be an oft-worn shade in Star Trek: TNG. 😂

Brick-O-La: Midtone Berry. Nice color. Another I’ve been curious about. There’s always this one Mac color you want to try for years but it eludes you.

Breathing Fire: Bright Warm Fuchsia. A popping shade. Thought I had this one but it was something similar. Feel like it’s Candy Yum Yum’s cousin.

Rebel: Midtone Cream Plum. Still a gorgeous shade!

Well that’s it. I still have last year’s set. If they do these glitter tubes again for 2021, I might be tempted but really it would rock if the minis were all NEW SHADES! Maybe even a fan-voted collection…


Pretty, pretty!

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