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This product has become a NECESSITY for me. They are a gently-heated eye mask technology from Japan.

I discovered these via a sample pack I got in an Ulta order. I’ve been hooked ever since and justifiably so. With all the squinting from blue screen light on iPhones, iPads and laptops, my eyes get very fatigued, dry, and irritated.

The box contains only 5 eye masks. Once you open the plastic sleeve and pull out the mask, they get activated. Think touching them activates the iron heat crystals that creates the heat steam reaction. Update: Oxygen activates them. Exposure to air. So you have to use them right away. I took photos of a used mask to give you an idea of what these look like.

The soft white part goes on your eyes and the pink faces out while the ear loops sit gently on your ears. I put these on in bed and fall asleep. They are that comfortable. The heat soothes my eyes and the Lavender scent helps me to relax. They block out ambient light so I fall asleep faster.

Even with coupons and rewards, these are pricey. They are sadly a one-time use. I hate having to dispose of them without ability to recycle or reuse them. Wish you could re-activate them by reheating them or something but you can’t.

I had to find more of these. Ulta has a Citrus and Unscented version too but I decided to look elsewhere.

I discovered that Amazon has the ones direct from Japan! Its the same brand too: Meg Rhythm. So they are available on my Amazon store with even more scents to choose from and a bigger box!

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I ordered more of the Lavender, Chamomile and Forest Bath. There’s also Rose, Yuzu (citrus) and Unscented, but I’ll try those later with the exception of the unscented. I prefer the scented masks. Update: I did get the Rose and Yuzu. I love the Yuzu which is like a grapefruit and is refreshing to use. Rose is also pleasant.

I tested out the Chamomile. It smells sweet almost jasmine-like. Pleasant to use. The Forest Bath is like a pine forest scent. Also light and pleasant to use. All of the scents are light and fade after the heating time is over.

Heating time is suppose to last for 20 minutes. I find that the heat last longer for me besides the fact that I fall asleep with them. My favorite out of all that I’ve tried so far is Lavender.


Life is a whole better with these. I’ve been suffering from insomnia and these steam eye masks have helped me tremendously.

I have all the scents on my Amazon store. They are a much better deal as you get 12 masks per box. Ulta carries the same brand (US-version) with only 5 masks per box.

Sweet Dreams! ~Duchess

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