Brr… it’s cold!

Popping in to say “Hi!”

Been sick and incapacitated. Plus it’s super freezing where I’m at so life is in survival mode. Let’s just say I’m officially sick of February. 🥶

Threw my fave clear lip products together. It’s like a ‘free & clear version’ of makeup. I keep them clear by wiping off the applicator before putting them back in the tube. Helps to make them last longer and not get icky so fast. They’re all different in terms of texture and feel.

Free & Clear beauty
  • Colourpop Roller Gloss: Vanilla Sundae
  • Fenty Beauty: Glass Slipper
  • Dior Lip Glow Oil: 001 Pink
  • Lime Crime Wet Cherry Gloss: Extra Poppin
  • Colourpop Lux Lip Oil: Dew Drop

Toot-a-loo 👋 ~Duchess

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