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Hey there. Wanted to send out cheer and thoughts. I’ve been away from almost everything since our family pet cat died in February. It’s been very tough but we cherish the good memories and are hopeful for new furry addition(s). Time will tell and we are being patient for everything to work out.

My Makeup Guide. RIP Sweet Boy 😒

Makeup and taking care of myself disappeared admittedly. I’m slowly making a comeback and even did my nails since I don’t remember when. I’ve been trying to assemble new blog posts but discovered my WiFi camera won’t import. I had two lovely fragrances I wanted to write about but am stuck because of those technical issues. I may have to take pictures all over again with my phone, but the weather has been snowy, now rainy. Ugh. Speaking of technicalities, I am finally getting the hang of the ‘block editor’ in WordPress. Yay!

In the meantime, I do want to talk a bit on Colourpop. It’s been an easy pass for me on their releases since the beginning of the year. I don’t like the “new” formats they’ve been putting out. They remind me too much of old stuff I already have. Honestly their circle shadows in their 9-pans and mega palettes are what fueled the brand’s popularity. Think they may have plateaued. They probably realized it themselves and are returning with a new “Limoncello” palette in their well-loved 12-pan Thursday, March 18th. It looks good. I’m tempted but I still haven’t used all the stuff I accumulated last year. I still have to post them too! I usually get stuck on golds, mauves and neutral palettes. That “Fade Into Hue” rainbow palette I got last year is still unused.

Limoncello: pretty collection!

It was good to take a break. Sometimes you don’t need all that. Honestly I am considering downsizing. So I might do a blog sale. Not sure. I tend to be such a makeup pack-rat-horder. Even though my collection is small when compared to others. I do have a lot of makeup museum pieces. What I call “The History of Makeup”. Those are on my Instagram and Pinterest.

Max Factor made pretty good lipstick back in the day. Circa 90s.

Colourpop’s foray into different palette designs: Do they work?

The 4-Pan Squares

Why I skipped these? They look like the Lime Crime Venus XS series. I have at least 3 of those. They are cute and simple but I don’t reach for them anymore. Good if you’re just dipping into the makeup eyeshadow game.
(Pictured above: Colourpop LaBelle of the Ball and Lime Crime Venus XS: Rose Gold.)

The 5-Pan Squares

Why I skipped these? They look like the Lorac versions and the Natasha Denona minis. I have 2 that came out couple years ago. One is a dud and the other is beautiful color story but the shimmer does have bad fallout. I also have a 4-Set that came out years ago which I never used. It was called “Duchess, Countess, Queen and Princess”.
(Pictured above: Colourpop Ballad and Lorac Unzipped Elegance.)

The 5-Pan Rectangles

Why I skipped these? They look like Urban Decay Naked Basics and some old Lorac. Remember those? Still a staple for some. Also Too Faced did similar shaped palettes for their fruit series.
(Pictured above: Colourpop Flower from the Bambi collection and. Urban Decay Naked Basics 1 & 2.)

I know I sound like I’m bishing about these. They have beautiful color stories that I’m tempted by however I know what happens to these types of smaller palettes, they get lost in the makeup drawer and barely used. For travel, they’re good but I bet you can’t just take one with you. πŸ™‚ Not to mention how dupeable they are especially if you have a ton of Colourpop palettes already.

Until I get my camera working again, I will dip into the stuff I already got and try to do some spring cleaning while watching 4.5 hours of the Snyder cut. Wish me luck…


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