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Partner in Crime; Fire & Ice

Folks have been raving about these because they don’t smear, feel moist and work with masks. My initial impressions are they have texture reminiscent of vinyl glosses. The difference is they really don’t smear. The moisture is like stickiness but not in an annoying way. So far I like them. I picked two colors I know I’d wear as I’m in an exploratory phase.

Took a b-break and came back and kissed the back of my hand, nothing there except a bit of the shine. So a few minutes to dry and fairly kiss-proof. I haven’t eaten with these but pretty sure oily foods will break this down. I removed with a melt-off balm and wiped. Scent is faint.

Revlon Partner in Crime: mauve nude

Revlon Partner in Crime: mauve nude

Revlon Fire & Ice: Bright Coral Red

Revlon Fire & Ice: bright coral red

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-Duchess ❤️

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