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Gucci Flora Fraiche (EDT)


Finally got my camera WiFi to work! It stopped working for some unknown reason. I’ve had a frustrating time with technology as of late considering I’m normally savvy with it. Perhaps I’m having the longest brain fart ever in history. Nevertheless let’s talk perfume instead! 😃

My fascination with perfumes and smelling good has been growing now more than it ever did before. Perhaps sequestering indoors and being in casual semi-sleepwear has taken it’s toll. Sometimes you just want to smell clean, ya know? This perfume discovery came by way of a sample that was mistakenly sent.

Gucci Flora EDT (green bottle): watery fresh fruity floral

Renamed: Gucci Fraiche

2.5 fl. oz bottle

There are many Gucci perfumes out there and the name is synonymous with luxury. It’s a guarantee that you’ll get a luxurious fragrance every time.

There are other “Flora” versions: an amber, yellow and a pink one. I don’t know about those but this green one is an intense yet beautiful burst of spring flowers that doesn’t make your head spin. At least for me it doesn’t, it may for some.

Fresh and Unique

It’s the peony that gets me. It blends well with the variety of notes.

Top Notes: Peony, Kumquat, Bergamot, Amalfi Lemon, Mandarin Orange

Middle Notes: Watery Notes, Green Notes, Osmanthus, Rose

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Pink Pepper, Patchouli

You get pleasantly doused with citrusy aquatic notes on the first spray which turns into a very bright, green floral.


If you like Chanel Eau Fraiche, Versace Bright Crystal or Lancôme Miracle, you’ll love this.

It works very well in winter and spring. The cooler days makes the fragrance revive you.

My bottle is Eau de Toilette but I heard they renamed it to Eau Fraiche. It was hard to find. However I found it on Amazon so it’s available on My Amazon Store, for much less than even the Sephora price! Click here.

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