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So do they work? Or is it just a gimmicky towelette?

I was skeptical but decided to make the leap of faith as seeing they were discounted.

Used eraser towelette.

I ran the eraser under warm water. Noticed it didn’t absorb as quickly as a regular towel* does but got it damp and ready. Squeezing out any excess, I worked on my face saving my eyes for last. Everything came off and skin felt refreshed and clean. These aren’t the Original-sized erasers but good enough to do your whole face.

*Makeup eraser is a microfiber material. Think of it as a “Shamwow” for your face. Remember those cloths that could clean anything?

Since the makeup eraser claims to remove even waterproof mascara, I went to work around my eyes. I didn’t like having to pull a towel across my delicate eye region tbh. The eye makeup came off and what appeared to be mascara as well. Just to make sure it was removed, I used my Bifacils and noticed not all of the mascara was removed. I figured since I wear waterproof, some formulas just don’t budge unless there’s oil.

Rainbow assortment.

I still have yet to wash these** and see if they wash clean. So are they worth it? Yea if you’re in a rush, tired and just want to clean wipe your face fast, these are good. I still like my makeup melt-off balm, regular makeup wipes (like the Walgreens lavender ones), and BiFacils which I have plenty of. I will continue using BiFacils for eye makeup removal. My eyes are strained enough as it is and don’t need any more wrinkles!

The Makeup Eraser sets can be found on Ulta, Sephora and Amazon. There’s an eraser on Sephora where you can use your points to redeem but it’s not worth it. The towelette is smaller than these!

On My Amazon Store, I have the Makeup Eraser in several colors under the “MakeupTools” section. There’s also a limited-time offer for a full-size original that is $10. Happy Shopping!

What’s your preferred makeup removal method?



**UPDATE: They wash clean!

Ready to use again!

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