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I received this sample card with my latest Mac order. It’s still available so if you order something, you can select it as a freebie.

3 color sampler

Even tho I hate the drying of liquids over time and depotting in general, the liquid Powder Kiss formula is softer on lips than even the tube version. It really does smooth out your lip appearance. The scent is different being more vanilla. Applicator is a dream.

Now the Colors

All three shades I already have in the tube version. However Marrakech-mere looks a lot like my Devoted to Chili (tube). Just a slightly darker version like a “burnt chili”. Yet they also have a Devoted to Chili (liquid). Confusing right? Don’t forget there’s a new Marrakech-me (tube) and the OG Marrakech and OG Chili. These two lip colors look extremely similar on lips in Powder Kiss.

Think the only unique colors they added was Ferosh! (And Blue Jean which isn’t available here). Ferosh! Is a dusty gray mauve. A color I would usually get. Everything is either a copy of the Powder Kiss tube version or something from their regular line.

Let’s just say I really like the Marrakech-mere. Why I don’t know, it’s spring, darn it. It’s not even fall. I should be wearing a coral but the burnt brown orange warms me. Ahh!

The other two: Burning Love and Mac Smash look exactly like the tube versions I have which are three reds: Shocking Revelation, Werk, Werk, Werk and Lasting Passion. Go figure. Hard pass on that. I have too many reds as it is. The other one blurs out to a soft berry.

Mac always tempting with their Lippies.

Have you tried these news shades and formulas?


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