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A Fresh Fruity White Floral

And I’m back! Took a break after being drained physically, mentally and emotionally almost every day. Basically was worn-out and run-down. I’ve been trying to get back to myself. A healthy, balanced self. This new fragrance acquisition perked me up today!

Main Notes: Lime, Pear, Lily of The Valley, Magnolia, Apricot, Peach

Charlie Silver

Launched back in 1997, it’s a perfume that I never wore before. After trying Charlie Red, I wanted to explore the others.

This fragrance opens up with Lime, Pear and Peach beautifully. Pear gives it the freshness. In the dry down, I could smell the white florals. They are very light. The Lily of The Valley and Magnolia aren’t as intense as you would expect, it almost smells watery. After a few hours, I sniffed my arm and could pick up a bit of the Apricot.

Charlie Silver surprisingly makes for a nice, very light summer scent. Sometimes I don’t smell it on me as I do with the Charlie Red but I still feel fresh after several hours. The scent lingers on the skin but in a pronouncedly light way.

I can’t say I’ve fallen madly in love with this scent but I do LIKE it very much.

Until the next Charlie fragrance…


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