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Hey guys-

I wanted to get this out yesterday but we got some flooding due to a heavy storm system and large tornado that hit the area last night. The suburbs got substantial damage. Honestly wasn’t expecting it to be that bad but June has been pretty dry so Mother Nature decided to send us a doozy.

Well, today and tomorrow are Amazon Prime days. Besides this blog being dedicated to cosmetics, I wanted to post the other items I have on my store that I use in everyday life. Feel free to explore using the link below. Any support helps keep the costs of this blog going.

Some stuff ☺️

Deals of the Day

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphone 700 in Soapstone. Click here.

Save 54% on Ring Video Doorbell Wired + Echo Show 5. Click here.

Save $70 on all-new Fire HD 10 Tablet. Click here.


Studs in multiple sizes

I’ve been wearing studs for a while now. These are so cheap but surprisingly good quality. I usually get reactions to the certain metals, but these do not bother me at all. (I will add that I never shower with any kind of jewelry on.) There is an assortment of sizes so switching up is easy.

Save 30% off birthstone bracelet. Click here.

Up to 30% discount from Chawin Jewelry. Click here.


These under eye masks are so refreshing on the skin. They soothe and hydrate my under eyes which helps prior to makeup application and also prior to bedtime.

Save 20% off Tree of Life Retinol Anti-aging Serum. Click here.

Pens & Art Supplies

If I’m not at a Target, I usually get all my pens and art supplies from Amazon. I do puzzles and journaling so having different pens is a must. I got the 8-color rainbow pen recently and it makes doing crosswords and word searches more interesting. Of course I love the Frixion Erasable pens! Found a knock-off set with even more colors that’s on there as well. Art stuff is well for art, drawings and coloring. Always have a Sharpie nearby.

Save 20% off Art Supplies. Click here.


I love soap. I wish I could make my own. Maybe one day. I used to collect soap in college. My friend and I would share our finds. Nowadays, I like to pick up a trio of Zum soap bar. I used to pass these by at the grocery store until I tried the frankincense & myrrh bar. Omg! The rest is history. Amazon sells these in 3-packs and other packs too. I love anything with lavender. Freshens and moisturizes! Well-worth it. Also picked up some dental care. It’s hard for me to swoosh oil in my mouth but I try. 😂

Well there ya have it. Hope you keep The Lipstick Duchess in mind when you’re shopping Amazon.


All items featured are on My Amazon Store. Link below.

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