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I Lost Myself


Hey there 👋

Kept nudging myself to do this. I’ve been gone from blog posting for couple months now. Even stepped away from swatching. It feels like it’s been longer.

Life has gotten to be difficult. I’ve had much to deal with that my mind and body just couldn’t. I had no more creative juices to churn out. And the last two weeks were rough with exhaustion and body pain.

Oddly I saw a Youtuber go through the same thing. Never knew they left their channel for 6 months until I was looking for some of their sage advice on narcissists etc. In their return video, I could tell they had been through stuff: health problems, family, etc. They were struggling to maintain that same level they had before they left. It happens to all of us at some point. You can’t keep up the momentum because your psyche and body just gives out.

Why Is That?

Frustration, disappointments, unexpected illnesses, old trauma, loss of control are just a few things that life becomes more about just getting through the day. It’s hard for me to even talk about all the weight I carry. When your body is in pain and the persons you take care of are in pain, it saps your interest in much around you.

I’m working to get out of this funk. (That in itself is exhausting.) If you’ve been where I’m at, I hope you do too. Besides the world has gotten more insane (and more expensive). There are days I want to run away from it all. I sincerely hope things turn around with the approach of fall season and the upcoming holidays.

Peace ✌️ ~Duchess

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