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Hey there

I’ve been binge-watching superhero flicks lately. Maybe that’s why I needed some eye relief. I wanted to get my tried and true Japanese eye masks but noticed some newer brands on Amazon.

Decent China Knockoffs 👍🏽

The Box

Curious to try as my faves are now a bit pricey, these seemed like a good deal. You get 16 mask box for around a dollar a piece.

I found the eye mask itself to be thicker it appears it has more of that stuff that heats up inside upon exposure to air. Which I think is non-toxic iron powder and activated carbon. Sure enough I could feel the thickness which in itself was soothing to my eyes and the heat was more intense.

Soothing Sauna Action!

I decided to time it to see just how long it would last. Luckily I didn’t fall asleep because I usually do with these on.

An hour of soothing sauna action!

The down side though is that there is no discernible lavender scent even though it’s supposed to be lavender-scented. This may not be important to some. I would still get these because the heat feels so good. I love these Chinese masks as an alternative to the original Japanese eye masks.

Now there are other scents: rose, green (unscented) and chamomile. I plan on trying the rose when I use these up.

I know my eyes will be appreciating these steam masks when it gets colder. Now if they could come out with a full-body mask. 😂

Here’s the direct link to my store:

✌️ ~Duchess

PS. Still struggle with WordPress. It’s cumbersome and my wifi is slow too. Phone is easy but there are things you can’t do on there. ~sigh~

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