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Happy New Year! 🥳

Technically the holidays ain’t over yet. There’s still the Orthodox Christmas or Epiphany. Christmas lights are still up everywhere and it’s only 5 days into 2022. Never too late to gift someone for any occasion or yourself. Here’s some stuff I’ve been getting good use out of and well worth a look.

From Ulta…

Had these in my “save for later” online cart and wondered on the scent. I was drawn to the avocado. They’ve been discounted on and off too. Took a chance on them and was pleasantly surprised. Just love the fresh green scent kinda like fresh-cut leaves. The lotion-oil texture is perfect. It doesn’t feel greasy or leave a film.

From Macys…

After getting that mega hand lotion set, I wanted to expand my hand cream experience and found this gem. I have their original green tube cream which is good and can be used everywhere but it is thick and oily. The texture on this one is so creamy and it feels so good on my extremely chapped skin. The frequent hand washing and dry weather have taken it’s toll on my hands. I even picked up gloves (from Ulta) to help heal them.

Weleda Soothing Hand Cream with Almond
Gloves from Ulta; Hand Cream from Macys

From Amazon…

I was in search of new toothpaste and came across this: a “remineralizing” toothpaste that helps build back enamel, improve and whiten teeth. I’ve noticed a difference right away. There’s another one that’s made in USA called “BOKA”. Also good and both are on my Amazon store.

Remineralizing Toothpaste from Japan

I did get more perfume. That should be on the next blog post. Clue: One is from Lancôme and the other from Mugler. 😉


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